Service Information

At the Labsergen we have the microarray processing service using the technology of the Affymetrix and Illumina platforms. This service offers solutions for a wide range of genomic projects.

Why choose the microarray service?

Microarrays have a broad spectrum of applications:

  • In humans we can obtain genomic information in reproductive health, oncology, pharmacogenomics, epigenetics and for large studies such as biobanks. .
  • In agrogenomics, microarrays allow us to obtain information focused on the improvement of crops in addition to resistance to diseases and pests in the case of plants. For cattle it allows us to identify breeds and the information obtained helps to reduces costs in production and reproduction.
  • In genetic expression studies, microarrays allow us to reduce cost in large experiments using the human, rats and mice models. In addition, we have microarrays for the study of miRNAs.
  • In genetic studies such as GWAS, CNV analysis or SNPs genotyping the information obtained allow us to perform robust population analyses thanks to the high resolution of the microarrays.
  • In the case of the detection of microorganisms at a species and strain level in a sample cost are reduced and the representation of microorganisms is very wide.

Genomic information collected through these technologies can be obtained in diverse formats, which are ready to being with bioinformatic analysis if you choose to do by yourself, otherwise ask for a quote for the analysis to make it easier for you to obtain a genomic solution.

How much does it cost?

The pricing varies depending of the number of simples and the type of samples. So please contact us with details of your project to offer you the best cost.

Microarrays Technology