Total Plant RNA Extraction

Service Information

We offer the service of extraction of total RNA of plants, for interested users to do transcriptomic analyzes and / or analysis of gene expression in real time.

Service description
  • Extraction of RNA from frozen and pulverized tissue.
  • Quantification by spectrophotometry and verification of integrity in 1% agarose gel.
Sample Requirements
  • At least 0.5 g of frozen tissue is required and pulverized in each tube (for this process we recommend the use of liquid nitrogen).
  • The tissues should be delivered frozen with Liquid Nitrogen and sealed perfectly in 2.0 mL eppendorf tubes, otherwise the Genomic Services Unit will not be responsible for the quality of the resulting RNA.
  • Each of the tissues received and their replicas must be perfectly labeled with an ID in a legible and indelible manner.
  • The tissues will not be received for any reason if the user does not deliver the complete RNA Extraction Service sheet previously filled out and signed by the project manager.
  • In case the user requires the milling of the fabric in the Genomic Services Unit, the additional cost will be included in the corresponding quotation.
Delivery of Results

Once the RNA is extracted, the corresponding result will be announced to the users through an electronic mail, specifying the amount of RNA obtained for each of the samples by spectrophotometry and the values ​​in the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios.

The material will be delivered in eppendorf tubes labeled with IDs provided by the user.

In case the extracted material is to be used in another of our services, the corresponding service request form must be sent.

Application Forms and Costs

For more information on the service and quote, please contact:

IA. María de Jesús Ortega Estrada
Tel. +52 (462) 166-3000 Ext(s). 3023, 3121, 3130

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