Sequencing by synthesis (SBS) is one of the new generation mass sequencing technologies that use clonal amplification in vitro by means of a bridge PCR.

The fragments to be sequenced are prepared with adapters at the ends to allow their denatured strands to bind to a solid surface and thus be enriched by means of a bridge-type amplification. This generates clusters of strands of the same fragment that amplifies the signal of the fluorescent nucleotides as they are incorporated into the growing chain.

  • Genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Epigenetics (Small RNA Sequencing)
  • Analysis of micro-RNA's
  • Metagenomics
  • Amplicon Sequencing
  • Detection Panels
  • Exome Sequencing
  • GBS, RAD-Seq y ddRAD-Seq
Format No. of readings per plate
Capacity per run (bases)
1x75 High ±380,000,000 25,000,000,000
2x75 High ±380,000,000 x 2 50,000,000,000
1x130High ±380,000,000 x 2 50,000,000,000
2x150High ±380,000,000 x 2 110,000,000,000
2x75 Mid ±110,000,000 x 2 18,000,000,000
1x130 Mid ±110,000,000 x 2 18,000,000,000
2x150 Mid ±110,000,000 x 2 35,000,000,000
Format No. of readings per plate Capacity per run (bases)
1x50 ±11,000,000 x 1 730,000,000
2x75 ±20,000,000 x 2 3,100,000,000
2x150 ±11,000,000 x 2 4,300,000,000
2x250 ±11,000,000 x 2 7,200,000,000
2x300 ±20,000,000 x 2 12,500,000,000
Service description

The preparation of the libraries from DNA, Amplicons and / or RNA (or variants thereof).

  • Clonal amplification for cluster generation.
  • Sequencing run.
  • Delivery of results of the reads and their qualities generated in FASTQ files, with a quality superior to Q30 *: ≥ 70% (depending on the kit and platform used).
  • Bioinformatic Analysis (optional)
The percentage of bases with Q30 is averaged based on the entire run and does not depend on each cycle or read.
Sample Requirements
Genomic DNA and / or ampliconsTotal RNA
  • For genomic DNA: 4 μg diluted in water, complete and clean, at a concentration of not less than 100 ng / μl or the freeze-dried sample may be sent.
  • For sequencing genomic DNA ends of long fragments (2-5Kb or 5-15Kb): 20μg of clean DNA is required at a concentration of not less than 1μg / μl.
  • For PCR products (Amplicons): 500 ng of the sample is required, at a concentration of not less than 25 ng / μl.
  • Please contact us for amplicon generation.
    The user must provide evidence that the DO 260/280 ratio is at least 1.8.
  • Include photograph or graphic that shows the quality and integrity of the sample, as well as the photo of a gel.
  • Transcriptomic analysis requires 4 μg of total, complete and clean RNA.
  • For analysis of micro RNAs and small RNAs, 2 μg total is required.
  • The user must provide evidence that the DO 260/280 ratio is 2.
  • It is necessary that the Integral Value (RIN) is greater than or equal to 8.
  • The user must provide 1 photo of the gel to verify the Integrity of the sample.
  • The RNA sample should be delivered in water, frozen and at a concentration of not less than 50 ng / μl.
Note: Any contamination in the sample will be reflected in the quality and in the performance of the results or may inhibit the initial reactions of the process which would not allow obtaining the library.
Delivery of Results

All information will be sent to the customer through our results delivery site, with a user code and password:

Data to be delivered:

  • Report in pdf format indicating the process of the samples and their respective identifiers.
  • File in fastq format. Includes readings (reads) and their defined qualities based on the quality standard Phred, with a quality average 30.
  • Files in accordance with the requested Bioinformatics analysis.
Costs and Contact

COSTS (Prices in US dollars plus VAT)

  • 1 Library from DNA: $ 222.00
  • 16 Libraries from DNA: $ 89.00 c/u
  • 1 Library from total RNA or messenger RNA: $ 408.00
  • 16 Libraries from RNA: $ 153.00 c/u
  • 8 Small libraries RNA: $ 191.00 c/u

Note: The price of libraries may vary depending on the number of samples to process.

Cost Maximum expression runs:

  • Running on MiSeq 2x300: $ 2,687.00
  • Run on NextSeq 2x150, High Yield: $ 7,396.00
  • Running on a HiSeq 2x100 lane : $ 3,490.00


Generation of 45 amplicons, their respective labeled libraries and sequencing to generate approximately 20,000 readings per sample: $ 63.7 c / u (The price varies depending on the number of readings required)

María Guadalupe de Jesús Mireles Rivera
Tel: (462) 166 3024

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