Bioinformatics Analysis

Bioinformatics is the application of computational technologies to the management and analysis of biological data.

The main objective of bioinformatics techniques lies in the use of computational resources to solve or investigate problems on scales of such magnitude that they surpass human discernment.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing
  • Genotyping of populations

  • Bacterial Genomes De Novo Assembling
  • Mapping, alignment and call of variants of bacterial genomes
  • Mapping, alignment and calling of variants of complex genomes
  • Expression analysis "RNA-Seq"
    • Gene Expression Analysis
    • Transcriptome Assembly
    • Transcriptome Functional annotation.
  • Metagenomics
    • 16S bacteriano
    • 28S Fungi
    • ITS Fungi
  • BLAST Analysis
  • Reads Analysis, filtering and scratching
    • Changing format from fastq
    • Filtering by read quality
    • Cleaning polluting sequences
    • Filtering reads.
    • Barcode Filtering.
  • RAD-Seq and GBS analysis

Service Description

The service consists in ordering results generated by new generation platforms for sequencing and scanning microarrays so that the user can give a biological meaning to these data.

It is possible to do a basic Bioinformatics analysis service, from universal files coming from NGS platforms and microarray scanners.

Service Request

The request for the service is made by contacting our team of specialists, which will give advice and guidance on the type of exploration required, later our team will give an opinion as close to their needs and will be given a quote with the formality of the case.

Upon acceptance of the quote by the user, we will proceed to perform the requested service.

  • The user can download their data, from the Labsergen cloud.
  • PDF report of the analyzes performed.
  • A set of files is delivered with the analyzes made at the request of the user.

The prices are customized according to the user requirements. Please contact us for further information.

Alan Michael Torres
Tel. +52 (462) 166-3000 Ext(s). 3167
Guillermo Corona Armenta
Tel. +52 (462) 166-3000 Ext(s). 3024
Jacob Israel Cervantes Luevano
Tel. +52 (462) 166-3000 Ext(s). 3167

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