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Affymetrix microarrays have a wide range of applications in addition to a wide variety of study models for genetic and miRNA expression analysis, cytogenetic studies and microbiome. The own design of the microarray (photolithography) makes it highly reliable and its processing through the system Gene Titan allow us process large volumes of samples.

With Affymetrix variety of microarrays there is a wide range of applications:

  1. Humans
    • Reproductive health.
    • Oncology.
    • Pharmacogenomics. Personalized medicine.
    • Biobanks. Genetic variability of populations.
  2. Agrigenomics
    • Improvement of crops and yields in animal rearing.
    • Starting point for an increased production of food of animal and plant origin.
    • Lower cost in production and reproduction.
    • Identification of breeds and analysis of kinships for crossings.
    • Resistance to diseases, pests and environmental conditions.
    • Improvement of the nutritional value of plant and animal products.
  3. Transcriptomics
  4. Microbiome
    This microarray allows us to detect all the microorganisms in a sample, designed with the information provided in official databases. The array can identify at the levels of species and strain in a single assay at a low cost.

Arrays Available (Affymetrix)
New microarray options
  • PMDA. Microarrays for large-scale genomic studies and precisión medicine research.
  • CarrierScan. Microarrays directed to reproductive health.
Description of the Service
  • DNA quantification by fluorescensce.
  • Evaluation of the integrity of the genetic material provided.
  • Processing of the samples for genotyping according to the Axiom protocol.
  • Scanning of the arrays using the GeneTitan system.
  • Raw data delivery, CELL files plus unfiltered plink files.
At Labsergen we offer the service of extraction of genetic material from both plants and humans (saliva), so if you require the additional service you can request more information about it.
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For personalized attention, more information about the service and quote, please contact:

IA. María de Jesús Ortega Estrada
Tel. +52 (462) 166-3000 Ext(s). 3126, 3024

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